In order for children to learn,
they must always be around positive stimuli.
  • Our methodology is based on Piaget's (Constructivism) and Gardner's (the 7 intelligences) theories. We believe that a child must be constantly around positive stimuli that can motivate him/her and capture his/her attention.

  • For children, games are a necessary tool for learning. Games motivate kids to communicate and develop psychomotor and social skills that reinforce the acquisition of a second language. That's exactly how we teach a second language at FROGGIN.

  • Kids learn in different ways. Some learn in a more visual way, others learn through music; some develop their linguistic skills, while others learn through interpersonal relationships. We at FROGGIN use a wide variety of stimulus to maximize the students' skills.

  • The FROGGIN experience changes the lives of its students by making them more secure and self-sufficient. What they learn at FROGGIN, they keep forever, since they don't just acquire skills, they internalize them and enjoy them..

Our working groups are up to 8 children per classroom, that way we can provide personalized instruction and closely evaluate each child's progress, including their usage of correct pronunciation.

This student-teacher ratio gives us the ability to play games and do activities that reinforce the learning process on a manner that makes sense to the student.

Our teachers are professionals and are selected and trained on the FROGGIN methodology. They are responsible for motivating children, capturing their attention, and explaining all the topics according to the level they are teaching.

On the English program we have 16 structured courses, 8 of them for kids 3 to 7, who don't know how to read or write on their mother tongue; and 8 courses for kids 8 & up, who already know how to read & write.

On the Spanish program, we have 10 structured courses, specially prepared for children from 3 to 8 years old.